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What do you do to move your business forward?

As a coach, I love to share ideas on how to get the best out yourself and your business.

People often find it really helpful to hear direct from other business owners about what is working for them. At our September Profit Club we heard from Amanda Hatt of James Hatt & Associates who is building a fantastic physiotherapy business with a highly professional and committed team. Our Profit Club members were inspired by what she had to say so I thought I would share it with you.

My opinion of what is helping us to move forward.  What gets me through each week?

  • Coming to profit club and working with Nigel – of course
  • Being open minded, never dismissing an idea until you’ve fully explored it or tried it- this is still working progress
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Reducing the number of hours I work.  I try and have every Friday off and finish work at 3pm everyday and I have had a 75% success rate.  I believe I’ve done more work in this time than when I was working 50-60 hours per week – Honestly!
  • Reviewing performance even when you know it’s going to look bad. Admitting when something’s not working and finding another way.
  • Looking for solutions instead of focusing on the problems
  • Looking at what’s working and doing more of it!
  • Not feeling too afraid to fail that it holds me back from moving forward
  • Finding out what your competitors are doing and learning from their mistakes and successes
  • Putting more investment into the team resulting in a better working environment, motivated team members and massive contributions to our success. (Giving their weekend time up to promote the business for free)
  • Setting my personal goals and trying to get the business in a position that it can support my goals.
  • Reading business books

So what do you do to keep on top of your game?

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