Vision and values

Remembering 6th June 1944



Normally, my messages concern such things as vision, goals, planning, cashflow, building a team…

Today though is a day to remember all the people (mainly young men the age of my own sons or younger) who gave so much for us at the D-Day landings on 6th June 1944.

My own father was a naval officer whose ship stood off the coast at Arromanches Beach protecting the troops from sniper fire. He is now nearly 95 and has dementia. Sadly, even his memories of that key time in his life are fading but I know that if he could he would be remembering the companions he lost.

For these men at that time their goal was to survive until the next day and their vision was a world at peace. We all owe these men a huge debt of gratitude as without them who know what the world would be like today and what possibilities we would have.

Enjoy the day – and make the most of it!



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