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Keeping your customers

It is much easier (and cheaper!) to market to existing and past customers than to reach brand new ones. So it is worth using some of your marketing budget and time to focus on your existing customer database (you do have a customer database don’t you?). If you don’t have one, make it a priority; if you have one but don’t use it, just think about the sales opportunities that are there, just waiting for you!

Here are links to a couple of articles about how to keep the customers you have and to build a relationship with them.

Powerful ideas to solidify existing customers

Turn your customers into raving fans

Of course, your competitors are really keen to get hold of your best customers -so your job is to make sure they have no chance because you’re that good.

A couple of highlights from the articles, just to get you thinking!

  • Ask customers to complain! Really – if you don’t know about something that’s upset them (even if it’s a tiny thing) – then how can you improve?
  • Beware the quiet ones: out of every 100 people who are unhappy, only a few will complain
  • If you don’t show them that you care, they’ll think that you don’t. This is the number one reason why people leave a supplier and go elsewhere.

So what can you do to give your customers an even better experience (just remember those competitors snapping away at your customers!).

Have fun with it!

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