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How would you like to create a waiting list of clients?

At  a recent conference I was treated to 4 hours of teaching by two masters of marketing –Ivan Misner and Michael Port.  Both were outstanding speakers and teachers who shared their thoughts on business, marketing and personal growth in a stimulating and entertaining way, and both were open to any questions from the floor.  I took loads of notes so I thought I would share a few thoughts with you.

Misner established BNI as a networking powerhouse in the US and of course there are many chapters here in the UK as well.

Michael Port may be less well known but was another powerful and engaging speaker.  His theme, like Misner’s, was generating and sustaining high quality and valuable business relationships and his marketing ideas are actually very simple; like anything else, consistent execution is key!  Among many notes I have are his thoughts on the critical marketing tools to use (if relationship marketing is important to your business) and how to use them.  If you’re curious the four ‘mandatory’ tools in his toolbox are

  • manage your network – and establish some daily routines to make it happen
  • have a referral system – and establish some daily routines to make it work
  • direct outreach – continuously creating new contacts
  • keep in touch – with past, present and future clients as well as with anyone for whom you can offer some value or who may be able to offer some value to you

And then there are three tools he describes as ‘optional’ ie they may be right for you or they may not (and you may love doing them, or you may not!).  These are

  • public speaking
  • web and online marketing
  • writing (books, articles etc)

Like I said it’s all easy but it all requires some routines and habits – people say that to create a new habit requires around 25 repetitions without interruption – so try it for a month!  Lots more detail in his book – Book Yourself Solid – and on his website .

– and there is some free stuff there as well.

I enjoyed it and found it useful – I hope you do as well.




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One Response to How would you like to create a waiting list of clients?

  1. David Bater says:

    Very interesting post Nigel, sorry I missed the Michael Port talk. I have read his book, “Book Yourself Solid” and it’s now on my top 10 business book list, so I echo your thoughts around his principles on building and maintaining relationships.

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