Do you want to improve your conversion rate?

At our recent Profit Club meeting we covered 8 top tips for
doing just that:

  1. Measure it
    • Overall
    • For  different stages of the sales process
    • For different team members
  2. Set a target for it
    • Calculate the value of reaching that target
  3. Be really clear about your USP
    • Why customers should buy from you (because they always have a choice!)
  4. Back up your USP with a promise
  5. Have a clear sales process with scripts for different points in the process
    • Document it
    • Use it every time
  6. Be prepared
    • Train train train
    • Practise practise practise
  7. Impress them
    • What 3 things can you do to really impress people before you even get the sale?
  8. And don’t forget to…..
    • ASK for the business!

If you are find this last step difficult I recommend you read Just Ask by Ian Cooper


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