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Do you hold yourself accountable for getting the results you want?

If you are a business owner you probably don’t have anyone holding you accountable in the same way that you hold your team accountable. Once you have made a 90 day plan it is up to you to put things in place to ensure the things on the plan get done.

A few things that can help you:

Use your time wisely – this is all about planning and setting aside blocks of time to work on your business. You might have come across Stephen Covey’s time management matrix which we at ActionCOACH represent as a time target. Spend your time on the important things, including those which are not urgent but are important i.e. which will move your business forward. A good tip is to set aside time in your diary each week to spend on these things and to treat that time in the same way as you would if it was a meeting with your most important client!

Plan what you are going to do each day – spend 8 minutes at the beginning of the day (or even better at the end of the previous day) and you will save yourself an hour or more during the day.

Do you have internal discipline? – i.e. will you get on with things if you have committed to yourself that you will do them?  If you do, then coach yourself –set some targets each week based on your longer term plan and monitor your progress against them. Reward yourself if you achieve the targets, have real consequences if you don’t.

Most of us work better with some external discipline. For a team member, you provide this by checking progress and having regular scheduled feedback sessions. For yourself, you need to choose someone you trust with whom you share your targets and to whom you feedback your progress. This could be a business partner, life partner, friend or coach.

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